About Grass Cutting Machine

A Grass cutting machine whether a lawn mower or a brush cutter is essential for properly trimming grass. Whether you are looking to keep your compound clean and tidy or you have a grass cutting business, you need a machine that you can depend on. That is where our business comes in.

We are the leading suppliers of quality lawn mowers and brush cutters in Kenya. Having been in the business for long, we have taken the time to choose the best brands and models to make it easy for you to land what you need.

If this is your first time, it can be difficult choosing between the different types of grass cutting machines. So should you buy a lawn mower or a brush cutter? Ideally you should get both because they perform different functions.

A lawn mower is best for cutting grass over large flat areas or areas where there is easy access. A brush cutter on the other hand is best for handling grass over difficult terrains, cutting bushes and shrubs, and cutting overhead vegetation. As you can tell, you will definitely need both of these grass cutting machines in your day to day operations especially if you are a lawn maintenance business.

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Lawn Mowers

Lawn Mower price List

Honda HLP18 GCV 145, 4.2hp, Hand Push, 18 inch deck Ksh 58,000
Honda HL2118 GCV 145, 4.2hp, Self propelled , 18 inch deck Ksh 62,000
Honda HL3120 GCV 170, 4.9hp, Self propelled , 20 inch deck Ksh 72,000
Honda HL4121 GXV 160, 5.5hp, Self propelled , 22 inch deck Ksh 82,000
Briggs & Stratton WYS 16 3.5hp, 135CC, Hand Push, 16 inch deck Ksh 49,000
Briggs & Stratton WYS 18 4hp, 140CC, Hand Push, 18 inch deck Ksh 54,000
Briggs & Stratton WYS 21 5hp, 163CC, Self propelled , 21 inch deck Ksh 66,000

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As a leading grass cutting machine supplier, we only stock superior quality lawn mowers. Over the years we have settled on two brands that provide everything you could be looking for in a lawn mower. Whether you are looking for a feature packed lawn mower or you need an efficient engine to keep costs down we have just the right lawn mowers for you.

We stock Briggs & Stratton and Honda lawn mowers. If you have purchased lawn mowers before, then you know how efficient Honda engines are. Most other brands in the market also rely on Honda to manufacture the engines for their lawn mowers. Honda lawn mowers are reliable, durable and efficient.

Briggs and Stratton lawn mowers are also a big favorite for many people because they are also very well designed, full of useful and productive features and with Honda engines at their heart. Briggs and Stratton lawn mowers are dependable for both commercial or home use.

We also chose the Honda and Briggs and Stratton lawn mowers because they are available in many different power options at affordable prices. These two lawn mower brands offer grass cutting machines that are suitable for all grass types you can encounter in our country. No grass is too hard for these machines to cut with ease.

We have a wide variety of both Honda and Briggs and Stratton lawn mowers for you to choose from and at affordable prices.

Brush Cutter

Brush Cutter price List

Hawking 2 in 1 4 Stroke, String Trimmer + 3 Point Blade Ksh 20,000
Craftop NTB140 3 in 1 4 Stroke, String Trimmer, 2 Point Blade, 3 Point Blade Ksh 25,000
Hawking Backpack 8 in 1 {New Model} 4 Stroke, String Trimmer, 3 Point Blade Ksh 28,000
Surtec NTB520B 2 in 1 2 Stroke, String Trimmer, 3 Point Blade Ksh 24,000
Honda GX35 2 in 1 4 Stroke, String Trimmer, 3 Point Blade Ksh 45,000
Honda GX35 4 in 1 {Multi-Purpose} 4 Stroke, String Trimmer, 3 Point Blade, Hedge Trimmer Ksh 52,000

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A brush cutter is a highly versatile grass cutting machine that can also be used to cut shrubs, prune lawns and cutting weeds. A lawn mower can effectively cut grass where on flat terrains and where it has enough space to move around. If you need to trim trees, cut grass around obstacles and rough terrain, then you need a brush cutter.

Just like with choosing a lawn mower, choosing a brush cutter is also not an easy task. There are many brands out there, many models, designs and features to consider. You therefore need to ascertain what your needs are and try to match them to a great brush cutter.

Brush cutters are available in different power options. If you have to cut through tough and thick vegetation, then you definitely need more power than if you only have to cut through short grass.

A brush cutter can be handheld, walk-behind or tow-behind. The handheld brush cutters are the most preferred because of their versatility and flexibility. You can even increase the length of the shaft in most hand-held brush cutters to get more working range. The other types are more like lawn mowers but they provide more cutting versatility.

Brush cutters are a must have for any business because they allow you to offer more comprehensive gardening or landscaping services. You also able to ensure the work is done really well quickly because you can switch from a lawn mower to the brush cutter on tough terrains so no time is wasted.

We are leading suppliers of brush cutters and lawn mowers in Kenya. Our grass cutting machines are the best in the market and genuine. Plus, we offer great prices. Browse our wide range of products and let us help you choose the right grass cutting machine for your needs.