Brush Cutters

Brush Cutter price List

Surtec 2 in 1 4 Stroke, String Trimmer + 3 Point Blade Ksh 20,000
Hawking Backpack 8 in 1 {New Model} 4 Stroke, String Trimmer, 3 Point Blade Ksh 30,000
Surtec NTB520B 2 in 1 2 Stroke, String Trimmer, 3 Point Blade Ksh 24,000
Surtec GX35 2 in 1 4 Stroke, String Trimmer, 3 Point Blade Ksh 30,000
Honda GX35 2 in 1 4 Stroke, 1.5hp. String Trimmer, 3 Point Blade Ksh 50,000
Honda GX50 2 in 1 4 Stroke, 2hp. String Trimmer, 3 Point Blade Ksh 56,000
Honda GX35 5 in 1 {Multi-Purpose} 4 Stroke, String Trimmer, 3 Point Blade, Hedge Trimmer, pole prunner, extension shaft. Ksh 58,000

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Brush cutters are versatile tools used for cutting grass and small bushes. Brush cutters simplified the work of cutting and pruning small bushes and trees by eliminating the need for manual handheld tools that are tiring. Just like with the other grass cutting machines, there are a wide range of brush cutters available in the market.

With a brush cutter you simply turn on the fuel powered or electric engine and you start making simple work of cutting grass, shrubs, weeds, tree branches and other types of vegetation. A brush cutter also makes simple work clearing tough and high grass.

Choosing a brush cutter can be daunting even for professionals because of the many options available in the market, not to mention the sea of features you have to consider. However, to make it easier for you to choose, there are several factors for you to consider. First, are you buying one for your personal home use or for professional use?

If for professional use, then you should go for a machine that provides sufficient power to cut through just about any tough vegetation you will come across. If it is for your own personal use, consider the vegetation you will encounter in your backyard and choose a machine with sufficient power to handle that.

Another important aspect to consider is the weight of the brush cutter and how the load is distributed by the harness. The best machines distribute the load evenly to ensure comfort and efficiency. Plus, the handlebars need to be ergonomic and comfortable so you can keep working for long without tiring out quickly.

Are you in the market for a brush cutter? We have a variety of high quality brush cutters from leading manufacturers. Browse our range of products and let us help you choose the right brush cutter for your needs and budget.