Manual Lawn Mowers

Lawn mowers are available in different power choices including electric – corded or cordless, fuel powered and manual lawn mowers. A manual lawn mower doesn't rely on either electricity or fuel to operate. If you have a small yard or garden that you want to keep looking tidy, then you should consider a manual lawn mower.

As you push a manual lawn mower, a set of rotating knives rotates against a fixed blade cutting through the grass and other small vegetation on your yard. This type of lawn mower is ideal for use on a lawn that is flat and where the grass is not too tall. They are also used to mow areas that are close to the curb where the other lawn mowers might be hard to use and also as backup for when the other lawn mowers fail.

The good thing about investing in a manual lawn mower is that it doesn't require a lot of maintenance like a powered lawn mower. Since there is no engine to contend with, a manual lawn mower is practically maintenance free. You only need to sharpen the blades and grease the moving parts occasionally to keep the lawn mower in tip-top condition.

A manual lawn mower also has very few parts, unlike a fuel powered or electric lawn mower. This reduces the chances of some parts failing which reduces the operational costs. Manual lawn mowers are quiet as compared to the others and they do not release any emissions to the atmosphere as they mow. They are therefore great for the environment.

Finally, manual lawn mowers are also cheaper than the powered lawn mowers. Not all manual lawn mowers are lacking in features. There are some that include a bagging option and adjustable height bars. We have in stock some of the best manual lawn mowers you can find in the market today. Place your order today.